Denkavit makes strategic move to the USA milk replacer market

The Dutch Denkavit group has recently reached an agreement with Grober about the acquisition by Denkavit of their U.S. subsidiary, … Read more

Denkamilk calves, General

What’s actually in the calf milk replacer?

-Theme “raw materials – vegetable proteins”- In this series about the raw materials used in Denkamilk products, we will explain … Read more

Denkamilk calves, General

Cryptosporidium Parvum, one of the diseases that occurs in rearing calves

Farmers are usually very familiar with diarrhoea caused by bacteria such as E. Coli, or viruses such as rota or … Read more

Denkamilk calves

The influence of bedding material on growth and health of rearing calves

Young calves (>3 weeks) feel best in temperatures between 15 °C and 25 °C. They need extra energy to keep … Read more


Denkavit opens a new research centre

Denkavit has built a completely new research centre for approximately 260 sows. The new stable is part of the DenkaFarm … Read more


Research centre DenkaFarm extended

Denkavit recently put its new demo stables for veal calves in service. The new calf unit is part of the … Read more