Working today on livestock farming of tomorrow

We are specialists in young animal nutrition.

Every day we produce high-quality feed for young animals in livestock farming. Think of milk replacers for calves and lambs and goats, ingredients for the feed sector and health-supporting products for animals that need extra care.

Denkavit takes responsibility for our position in the food supply chain through:

  • Constantly improving efficient production practices
  • Optimizing logistics and ingredient purchasing
  • Utilizing sustainable production practices in our plant
  • Sourcing our dairy ingredients from the Northeastern US

Denkavit’s high-quality and consistent products

  • Denkamilk line of milk replacers
  • Denkacare electrolytes

Denkavit conducts intensive in-house research at our DenkaFarm Innovation Center

  • Rigorously test products and practices before market roll-out
  • Continuous product innovation and performance improvement
  • Large scale commercial and intensive controlled research opportunities

After all, ‘growing together’ is Denkavit’s motto.

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Growing together