Written by John Schmitt | US Business Development Manager
Denkamilk calves - 7 February 2024

Auburn, New York – The Auburn, NY-based company Denkavit, a leading innovator in young animal nutrition, ingredients and care products, is excited to announce the introduction of two electrolyte products for calves. Denkacare’s Vitalfort and Vitalrecover will become finally available for the US market. The two products complement our Denkamilk product line, a broad range of high-quality calf milk replacers.

The US Launch of this two new products will be in March. The Denkacare Vitalfort and Vitalrecover are part of our health-supportive care line for young animals. Both products are highly efficient electrolytes to support the calf’s development in critical life situations.

Vitalfort is designed for situations requiring extra hydration. It is offering a versatile solution for promoting fluid intake and hydrating calves during mild dehydration. Packed with carefully selected ingredients, Vitalfort ensures efficient rehydration in various scenarios, such as after transport, during heat stress, or following periods of water deprivation.

Vitalrecover is tailored for calves at risk of and even during periods of, or recovering from digestive disturbance. The unique ingredient blend in Vitalrecover is formulated to fulfill specific needs during digestive disturbances, supporting digestive tract’s metabolic correction and recovery.

Both Vitalfort and Vitalrecover are set to redefine electrolyte solutions for calves! They offer targeted support for the calf’s hydration needs, especially during periods of digestive disturbances. Renske Oppers, Product Manager Denkacare: “After years of extensive research we are very excited to launch these two new products in the US market. We believe this will be a valuable addition to our existing portfolio. Both products now manufactured in the USA, have already a long and successful track record in Europe.”

Denkavit remains committed to improving animal health and welfare through innovative and new solutions. Our extensive experience, acquired from over 90 years of activity in young animal nutrition, ingredients, and care, help us to move forward. We care together!

For more information about Vitalfort and Vitalrecover, please visit www.denkavit.com or contact John Schmitt (j.schmitt@denkavit.com or +1 315-283-2141).