Working today on livestock farming of tomorrow

Every day, we produce high-quality feed for young animals in the livestock industry to ensure that animals grow healthily and perform even better. We are continuously working on recipe improvements and efficient production, and consciously choose sustainable raw materials and further optimize our logistics processes. In this way, we accept our responsibility within the supply chain and the world.

Denkavit offers a high-quality and consistent product line that includes Denkamilk, Denkaveal, and Denkapig. We have developed health supplements under the name Denkacare products specifically for young animals that need a bit of extra support. In addition to finished products, we also supply special raw materials  for the compound feed industry under the name Denkavit Ingredients.

We conduct intensive research in our  laboratory and our DenkaFarm Innovation Centre, which we then extensively test in practice. This allows us to develop knowledge, innovate our products, and achieve better performance with all our partners. After all, ‘growing together’ is Denkavit’s motto.