Written by Alexandra Witte | Sales Manager Feed Additives
General - 25 January 2024

We are very happy with the successful start of the collaboration between GITES and Denkavit. This strategic collaboration allows us to combine GITES’ high-quality humic acid products with Denkavit’s strong market position.

Philipp Austermann, Sales Manager GITES GmbH, and Alexandra Witte, Sales Manager Denkavit, are currently working together in the field of customer support and Philipp is now officially passing the baton to Alexandra. She is our new point of contact for humic acid products from GITES. Philipp remains available to support Alexandra and help with any questions. A smooth transition for our customers is our top priority.

GITES’ humic acid products remain unchanged, but there will be a name change in the product range, and will be called Humigut. Want to know more about this product? Then look at Humigut – BUILDING GUT RESISTANCE