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Building gut resistance with Humigut

Humigut is a unique standardized composition of humic acids from natural origin. It can be used in all animal species of all ages. Humigut is a high quality product, based on  more than 60 years of research and application experience. Providing animals with Humigut will contribute to improved intestinal health and function.


The gut booster for all animals of all ages

Building gut resistance

Humigut consists of humic acids, these humic acids were formed through “humification” during the degradation process of biological material. Humic acids are therefore part of the natural diet of wild living animals. Providing animals with Humigut will contribute to improved intestinal health and function.

Denkavit collaborates with GITES, an expert in the field on research and application for over 60 years, conducting over 70 research trials.

Humic acids for all animal species

  • Combines several functions in just one product
  • High product security and acceptance of livestock animals
  • Unique, standardized composition of humic acids of natural origin
  • Wide range of target applications in all animal species




Improved intestinal health and function

  • Maintaining a healthy intestinal barrier
  • Positive influence on intestinal transit and faecal consistency
  • Favouring the development of the intestinal microbiome
  • Improving nutrient utilization
  • Supporting natural detoxification functions


  • Higher feed intake
  • Improves feed conversion rate
  • Maintaining preferred faecal consistency

  • The 100-day performance of dairy cows increases significantly
  • Contributes for higher vitality in the transit phase
  • Maintaining preferred faecal consistency in calves

  • Improves feed conversion rate
  • Higher laying performance and egg shell quality
  • Supports a healthy and long life
  • Keeps bedding dry


Humigut is a black-coloured powder, available in bags of 20 kg or in big bags of 500 kg. Basic component is leonardite, which is listed in the EU feed material catalogue (Number 13.10.2). Humigut is applicable for all animal species of all ages. Dosage levels depending on animal and target between 0,5 – 3 kg/ton of feed.

Extremely strict controls of the production process guarantee a secure and standardised high-quality product, ensuring that Humigut stands out in excellence. Humigut is extensively researched in our Denkafarms*, confirming its positive effects on animals and its contribution to improved intestinal health and function.

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