Denkamilk calves - 28 December 2022

Farm visit

Our colleague Meghan Potter visited her customers Jeanne and Kayla Wormuth at Half Full Dairy in Elbridge, NY to discuss calf-raising strategies. Want to hear more about how they run their calf program and their experience using the Denkavit milk replacer? Check out their testimonial video:


Monitoring calves

Paige Dumond is responsible for much of the day-to-day care of the calves at Half Full Dairy. She shares with us the following data that she checks each morning upon arrival:

  • Consumption of the current morning – this helps identify young calves that don’t know how to use the robot yet, as well as calves that may not be feeling well.
  • Consumption of the previous day – if the value is lower compared to previous days, this could also be an indication of a calf beginning not to feel well.
  • Drinking speed – if there is a decrease in the drinking speed compared to the previous day, this can indicate an early sign the calf may not feel well. This can help catch challenges early on and allow for preventative measures such as electrolytes to help the calf. If drinking speed increases, this can also indicate a calf is starting to feel better!
  • Weaning – for the older calves, consumption and drinking speed can be used as indicators for when the calves are ready to wean. This data can also help to identify if the calf is experiencing a stressful weaning period.

After reviewing the data, Paige walks the calves herself and treats calves as needed based on the computer data and general behaviour of the calf.

Denkamilk calf milk replacers

Jeanne and Kayla Wormuth was looking for an affordable product that would allow them to get the best health and performance out of their calves.  They did a trial collecting calf weights and were very pleased with the average daily gains they were achieving. “It is the perfect blend of getting the animals that I want and the price I need. “ – Jeanne Wormuth


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