Dairy calves: the importance of hydration

As spring and summer come into season, it is a good reminder to re-visit the topic of hydration in calves through the use of water and electrolytes. With this article we do not only highlight the importance of fresh water, but additionally what factors contribute to a high quality electrolyte and what we should  be … Read more


Companies enter into a long-term agreement on the supply of liquid dairy co-products to the animal nutrition industry FrieslandCampina intends to sell its Nutrifeed animal nutrition business to Denkavit. The two companies will enter into an agreement for the supply of liquid dairy co-products to the animal nutrition industry. Employees of the two businesses have … Read more

3 reasons to acidify cows milk

Proper digestion of nutrients is of utmost importance for the calf in the early weeks of life. Improper digestion  of nutrients can lead to diarrhea, the leading cause of death in pre-weaned calves. Milk is digested in both the abomasum and the intestinal tract. Pre-digestion (including coagulation) takes place in the abomasum with the help … Read more

When is milk replacer the right price?

With the latest turn of events for the dairy industry due to COVID-19, many producers implemented strategies to feed tank milk to their calves to avoid dumping or receiving no payment for their product. Fortunately, the milk futures market has been improving, so we pose the question: What should producers be feeding their calves? What … Read more

Denkavit Utilising M&A and Partnerships to Stay Top of Young Animal Nutrition Industry

09 Jun 2020 Source: Denkavit via Feedinfo News Service In the competitive young animal nutrition market, Denkavit is trying to offer unique products to meet the needs of their customers in different markets around the world. Their approach has been radical, to effectively leverage M&A activity and strategic partnerships to keep them at the forefront … Read more

Denkavit makes strategic move to the USA milk replacer market

The Dutch Denkavit group has recently reached agreement with Grober about the acquisition by Denkavit of their U.S. subsidiary, Grober Nutrition LLC, an innovative young animal nutrition and feed ingredients company in Auburn, New York. This acquisition was a strategic decision for both parties, based on a strong wish to work with a partner with … Read more

What’s actually in the calf milk replacer? Theme “raw materials – vegetable proteins”

In this series about the raw materials used in Denkamilk products we will explain a number of aspects in detail. The previous article on the raw materials in calf milk replacers covered different dairy products. This article focuses on vegetable proteins. Background The inclusion of vegetable protein sources in calf milk replacers arose at a … Read more

Frabes becomes a 100 % subsidiary of the Denkavit Group

After acquiring already a majority share in Frabes back in 2016, the Denkavit Group now acquired the remaining 49% of the shares of Frabes. As from August 1st 2019 Frabes became thus a 100% subsidiary of the Denkavit Group. Frabes produces milk replacers and whey protein concentrates in Rovato, Italy. This strengthening of its position … Read more

20% phosphate emission reduction by using new phytase

Reduction of phosphate emissions into the environment is increasingly a hot topic. In this context, Denkavit conducted a survey into the impact of adding a new type of phytase. In short, phytase is an enzyme that increases availability of phytate-bound phosphor and other minerals and amino acids to the animals. After extensive research of Denkavit … Read more

Knowledge base theme ‘’Raw materials’’: what is actually in the calf milk replacer?

In this series on the raw materials used in Denkamilk products we will explain a number of aspects in detail. This first part will focus on protein in milk products and the different dairy and vegetable sources that are available. A further article will focus on fats as well as the different additives that we … Read more