Innovation: a continuous process

The world changes constantly.

  • The nutritional requirements of young animals evolve continually
  • Raw materials markets fluctuate.
  • Social developments and new insights influence the development of new animal feeds and formulations.

Committed to research and development

Denkavit aims to lead the way in our world and to continue to grow. That is why we are highly committed to research and development. So, we develope constantly  new products, ideas, and applications to optimize your young animals’ growth and performance, now and in the future.

Research, field tests, and knowledge gathering are part of our daily activities. Renowned, well-trained specialists in our laboratories and centers are continuously working to optimize our feed products.


We operate our own in-house laboratories where examine all incoming raw materials, testing them against a number of standard parameters. This takes place before a received shipment is unloaded and approved for us. The laboratories  are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to conduct thorough analyses. In addition to the incoming raw materials, the final products are also randomly sampled in the laboratory.

The laboratories are a vital component of our R&D. We conduct extensive studies in our laboratories for new and current raw materials, feeds, and concepts.

DenkaFarm Innovation Center

In our Innovation Centers we conduct intensive research into the opportunities offered by various raw materials, product formulations, and feed concepts. These research centres allow us to carry out studies on nutrition, as well as housing and animal welfare. We also have several practical research farms where we test newly developed products and concepts before they are introduced to the market.