General - 9 September 2019

The Dutch Denkavit group has recently reached an agreement with Grober about the acquisition by Denkavit of their U.S. subsidiary, Grober Nutrition LLC, an innovative young animal nutrition and feed ingredients company in Auburn, New York. This acquisition was a strategic decision for both parties, based on a strong wish to work with a partner with similar goals, values and commitment to quality.


Become a global leader in calf milk replacer

Denkavit managing director Erik Buys said, “This acquisition supports Denkavit’s ambition to become a global leader in calf milk replacer in all major dairy-producing countries. The United States is one of the largest milk-producing countries in the world with great market potential.” Grober CEO Jerry Bartels said, “Grober and Denkavit have been working together for 30 years. Grober has Dutch roots and operates with European principles, with values and a shared commitment to quality and excellence in feed ingredients that align with Denkavit.”


Auburn-based plant

With this acquisition, the Auburn-based plant can be taken to the next level with an expanded team and an increase in the knowledge base, grounded in many years of research and experience. The activities of Grober Nutrition LLC will continue in their current form as a 100 percent subsidiary of the Denkavit Group.

The Canadian company, Grober Nutrition Inc., is an independent company that will continue operations with a renewed focus on Canada. Grober Nutrition Inc. will benefit from the research, knowledge and development of the Auburn plant as a customer. For Grober Nutrition Inc., this was a strategic decision to focus on investing, elevating and expanding its young animal nutrition business in Canada. The sale of the Auburn milk replacer plant to a trusted partner supports this strategy.


The family-owned company, Denkavit

Denkavit is a family-owned company that has been in business for more than 90 years. The company specializes in young animal nutrition and feed ingredients, with a special focus on feed for calves, piglets, lambs and goat kids. The company has taken a leading position in this field. As a global player, Denkavit continuously invests in knowledge and research that is shared with livestock farmers and compound feed companies. Denkavit’s activities are based on know-how, research, innovation and long-lasting partnerships and reliability. In this way, we ensure that we continue to grow together with our customers. With an annual turnover of € 650 million and more than 500 employees, Denkavit is active worldwide with Europe as its home market.


Privately-owned Grober

Grober Nutrition (Canada) is a privately-owned commercial milk replacer company with over 45 years of experience and a recognized leader in young animal nutrition. The company has respected its European roots and has grown and innovated to develop the highest quality rearing products for the North American market. Grober takes pride in turning concepts into top-quality nutrition products and feed ingredients for Canadian farmers.