Denkamilk calves, General - 8 August 2022

Austin Robinson from Knox County, OH is the grandson of Elaine & Tom Freer at Klever Holsteins. Austin loves dairy farming with his grandparents and shared his story with our team at Denkavit. Hear what Austin has to say!


“My name is Austin Robinson. I live in Fredericktown, Ohio. This is my third year as a Knox Cattle Kids 4-H member. Working with the cattle made me involved in 4-H. Every year I learn more about raising healthy dairy calves as replacements on my grandparent’s dairy farm. The money I make selling my feeder’s calves is saved for the future or to make improvements for healthier cattle. 

I chose to show in past years because my mom encouraged me to try 4-H and I liked it a lot. It has been fun so I continue to show, and it has also taught me to take care of and be responsible for my calf. This year I chose a Holstein feeder from my grandparent’s farm. I named him Buster. The requirements for this class of animals are 500-700 pounds. He can be shown in the born, bred, and raised classes along with their weight classes. Currently, his estimated weight is 240 pounds per weight tape. Overall, I am very thankful to have this opportunity to help me learn and grow as a person in the future.”

We are so proud of Austin for his courage and dedication to the show this year! We hope Austin’s story encourages many others to get involved with 4-H in your local communities!