General - 17 July 2015

Denkavit recently put its new demo stables for veal calves in service. The new calf unit is part of the “DenkaFarm”, the research farm for practical research and innovation which is managed by Denkavit in Voorthuizen.

State-of-art laboratory

Denkavit has therefore again invested in Research and Development. In 2011, the new research centre and construction of an entirely new, state-of-the-art laboratory were completed. By building this new, modern calf unit in Voorthuizen, Denkavit has expanded the DenkaFarm, facilitating an additional 1,400 calves. In-house practical studies offer Denkavit more options to achieve reliable research data, in addition to the continuous practical research conducted in commercial practice. Besides the DenkaFarm in the Netherlands, Denkavit also manages a research centre in France.

Veal sector expansion

This expansion allows Denkavit to maintain a good response to changes in the veal sector. The feeding kitchen in the new stable has a very flexible layout, allowing the possibility to supply different types of feed to the animals. Animal welfare, efficiency and sustainability are the objectives for realising this new unit. The new unit also includes a visitor’s room, called the DenkaLounge, from where visitors can view the calves. The DenkaLounge is also perfect for receiving relations. This offers Denkavit the opportunity to transfer knowledge on several subjects like nutrition, housing, management etc. Altogether, a beautiful stable with a lot of possibilities!


denkafarm_overzicht-1 denkafarm1_194x107-1 denkalounge_194x107-1