Denkapig - 5 December 2023

verpakking denkapig baby weanPiglet litter sizes continue to rise due to highly productive sows, posing a challenge. A challenge in raising piglets. In many cases, the sow does not have enough teats, making it important to start supplementary feeding of piglets in a timely manner. That’s why our prestarter Baby Wean has been renewed! Thoughtful Baby Wean is a prestarter specially developed for these smallest piglets, and now it’s renewed! The product is now even safer and more focused on better performance, thanks to:

✅  A renewed composition
✅ & additional additives, including Progres (a natural ingredient that supports piglet health)

Baby Wean is therefore suitable for feeding to light-weaned piglets around the time of weaning. It is a piglet feed in meal form, for piglets weighing 3 to 6.5 kg (can be fed dry or as a porridge).

Challenge due to increasing litter sizes

Thanks to the arrival of highly productive sows, litter sizes continue to rise. In many cases, the sow no longer has enough teats for all piglets. This brings many challenges for the modern pig farmer. How do you raise all these piglets successfully with the sow? Farmers are faced with more variation between litters and lighter piglets at weaning (<5-6 kg). These piglets require different support than the heavier ones.

Supplementary feeding with prestarter

To support the sow in raising large litters, it is important to start supplementary feeding of piglets in a timely manner. The new Baby Wean is specially developed for the digestive needs of lightly weaned piglets. It is very palatable, which is crucial for young and light piglets and helps with the transition from sow’s milk to dry feed around weaning. Baby Wean ensures good performance combined with sufficient safety due to the high digestibility of the ingredients.

Practical research with Baby Wean shows

Baby Wean has been extensively tested in practice on various farms. All these farms observed improved safety and performance in lightly weaned piglets after weaning.

Application of Baby Wean

The prestarter in meal form is used for lightly weaned piglets and can be used up to 5–7 days after weaning. Baby Wean is used alongside the post-weaning feed to provide the light piglets with the extra support they need during the stressful weaning period.

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