Denkapig - 12 September 2023

Treibacher Group and Denkavit Ingredients B.V. as part of Denkavit Group have signed an agreement for sales and distribution of Terragut to the feed industry in European core markets.

Anton Auer, Managing Director Treibacher: “We look forward to working together with Denkavit with this new innovative product”.

The new product Terragut will be launched during the exhibition SPACE 2023 in Rennes, France. Terragut is an EFSA-registered feed additive and an innovative and proven solution for weaned piglets to support them through the first phase of weaning. Terragut consists of two natural minerals, based on a co-product of green energy production.

Terragut is a new additive supporting gut health and promoting healthy microbiota. Iris van den Belt, Product Manager Feed Ingredients explains: “Terragut differentiates itself due to the positive effects on beneficial bacteria and helps inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria. This has been proven in multiple research institutes and our own Innovation Centre”.

Ashley Sijmonsbergen, Product Manager Denkapig adds “In a trial in our Denkavit Innovation Centre we have shown that adding Terragut helps maintaining the correct faecal consistency. This is very easy to observe on a farm. Furthermore, we have seen positive effects on the feed conversion ratio. Products enriched with Terragut contributes to a better start after weaning. For this reason, we will implement it in our Denkapig – Safe Concept in the future”.

Oliver Schneider, Business Manager Feed Ingredients, would like to invite you to the stand during SPACE to discover more about Terragut. The Denkavit stand will be in Hall 9, stand B44

Denkavit Ingredients produces and distributes special feed additives for animal nutrition and acts as an agent and/or distributor for many premium producers of feed additives. Denkavit  Ingredients is part of the Denkavit Group. Other activities of the Denkavit Group are producing and distributing high-quality feeds for calves, piglets and other young animals worldwide.

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Oliver Schneider


Oliver Schneider, Business Manager Feed Ingredients,

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