Denkapig - 7 December 2022

For Denkavit the Brazilian and Latin- American market is a market with a lot of growth potential. To optimally support the growing market and our customers, Denkavit/ Nutrifeed has started a collaboration with the company Inside Sui in September 2022 for practical research into pig nutrition in Brazil. With this collaboration, different kinds of milk replacers, concentrates and creep/ pre-starter, and weaning products next to feeding concepts can be tested at a dedicated trial farm located in Minas Gerais, near the city of Patrocinio in Brazil.


Latin America, a growth market

Latin America, and Brazil, in particular, is an important market with great potential for the Denkavit group. For example, Brazil and Mexico rank high among the countries in the world that produce the most piglets. So has Brazil alone already about 2 million sows and also in these countries Danish genetics is used a lot which means the occurrence of many large litters. This means that additional feeding of the piglets to support the sow and to prepare the piglets well for weaning is becoming increasingly important. These are topics we as a company focus on every day, to support the sow and piglets and in this way the farmer as well and efficiently as possible.


Why Collaboration

For the Denkavit group research is an important pillar in the organization. With its research location, the Pig Farm with approx. 260 sows located in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands we conduct continuous research into topics like piglet growth and survival, health, antibiotic reduction, and new raw materials. In addition, research is performed to optimally inform and support the market as our products are first extensively tested in our practical location before we put them on the market.


As conditions in Latin America are different from that in Europe this collaboration with Inside Sui gives us the great advantage to test our products in practice under local conditions. Based on this practical data, we gain more knowledge and new insights and we can improve our products even further for all piglets and our customers in the Latin American market.


piglets in stable