Denkamilk calves - 9 December 2022

Denkavit was the first feed producer to add a unique new ingredient, Progres®, to all milk replacers for breeding calves. Progres® has a unique effect on the intestinal function of animals. It thus supports the animals’ resistance and contributes to better animal performance. Products with ‘Progres® inside’ are therefore very suitable to be used in antibiotic-restricted programmes in animal husbandry.

Denkamilk Excellent with Progres®

This calf milk contains very high protein and energy levels complemented by an extensive safety package including natural oregano, pre-and probiotics, essential oils and fatty acids, to support digestion. So, Excellent from Denkamilk stands for absolute top performance, even for calves in harsh conditions. It is very suitable for farmers who want high youth growth and/or low milk powder consumption.

– For optimal youth growth
– High protein digestibility
– High energy level
– Contains extensive safety package
– Very soluble
– Suitable for unlimited feeding
– Crude protein: 23% Crude fat: 19%

What is progres® and what are its benefits?

Progres® contains fatty acids and a standardised amount of free resin acids. Resin, from coniferous trees, is part of their natural defence mechanism. It consists of resin acids, which have proven antimicrobial activity against fungi, parasites and bacteria.

One of its benefits is the support of the intestinal wall and the abietic acid from the resin which reduces inflammation-stimulating cytokines. The positive effects of this ingredient in the feed can be seen in all animal species, including calves.

Research at Denkavit’s Innovation Centre.

Denkavit is known for its quality and innovation. So it is not surprisingly, extensive testing with Progres® at the DenkaFarm Innovation Centre measured improved growth and feed conversion in calves. Up to 25% fewer antimicrobial treatments in calves.
This very positive effect of Progres® has led Denkavit to decide to enrich all its calf milk, including Denkamilk Excellent, with this ingredient.

Denkamilk Excellent has excellent utilisation properties

Just like the total range of Denkamilk calf milk, Denkamilk Excellent distinguishes itself through excellent utilisation properties, optimal growth results, a high degree of safety and good weanability. We use only the very best raw materials. This way we guarantee that Excellent and all our young cattle feeds will have a positive effect on the health of your calves. In addition, Denkavit takes great care in the development process to ensure the taste of the milk replacers, so good feed intake by your breeding calves is also guaranteed. Our kinds of milk are well soluble and very suitable for drinking machines.