Denkamilk calves - 14 March 2023

The main preparing error is the concentration of powder in the powdered milk. The advice is to add 150 g of milk powder for every litre of powdered milk. However, more than half of all dairy farmers make the mistake of mixing 150 g of milk powder with one litre of water. That increases the total quantity of milk because the 150 g still have to be added. In 10 litres of powdered milk there should be 1.5 kg of powder. If you add those 1.5 kg to 10 litres, the overall outcome is around 16.3 litres of powdered milk. The effect is that the concentration is not 150 g, but 140 g per litre of powdered milk. Calves will not achieve their growth target and the calf’s resistance decrease due the low dry matter intake of the milk powder.

Tips are:

  • Mix 150g milk powder to produce one litter of powdered milk
  • Or mix one litre of water with 175 g of milk powder
  • Weigh now and then the amount of powder you add. Have you actually added the amount you intended?

drinking calf

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