Denkamilk calves - 18 July 2023

The first few weeks in the life of a calf set the basis for future performance. An easy and safe start for calves in these first 2 weeks is therefore very important. After years of (practical) research and product development Denkavit developed Denkamilk Vitalstart, a special calf milk replacer, tuned to provide the calves an optimal start.

Denkamilk Vitalstart contains a combination of high-quality dairy raw materials. The product is enriched with a high share of vitamins, minerals and essential oils to support the intestinal health and digestion. Due to its constant high-quality, Denkamilk Vitalstart can be applied in all circumstances, even at high infection pressure.

Denkamilk Vitalstart has been especially developed to fit the first 14 days of life, directly after the colostrum period. Subsequently the calf can be switched to a regular Denkamilk product.

Denkamilk Vitalstart is an unique All-in-One product, excellent which can be used without any extra additions from the Denkamix range.

  • For the first 14 days
  • Ultimate combination of health and safety
  • Highly palatable
  • Full dairy protein
  • Complete All-in-One product