Denkamilk calves - 13 March 2023

As a dairy farmer, you probably recognize it well! Raising a calf to become a productive milking cow can be very rewarding, but it also requires a lot of work. A good start requires, among other things, top-quality calf milk. But how can you get the most out of your calf milk powder? That’s where we’ve developed the Vital-iD concept! Vital-iD is a performance-enhancing concept for breeding calves, which has been developed based on research with many thousands of calves. It is a balanced concept of additives that supports the digestion, health, and performance of younger calves.

From calf to dairy cow

Raising calves requires three important aspects:

  • Consistent management;
  • Excellent hygienic routines;
  • Feed of the best quality.

Especially calf milk is essential to give your calf a good start. The milk replacer is in fact the most important source of nutrition in a calf’s first few months of life. And to get the most out of your calf milk powder, our Vital-iD concept has been developed.

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Vital-iD concept

Our Vital-iD concept involves the precise balancing of each calf milk powder, tailored to the needs of your calves. The concept is a selection of vitamins, minerals & trace elements, fat blends and emulsifiers, probiotics, and essential oils to optimize the performance of your calves.

Natural orgeano oil & Progut®

As an additional factor, we can use natural oregano oil or Progut®. Oregano oil supports gut health and has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Progut® is a hydrolyzed yeast product rich in soluble MOS and beta-glucans. This supports the proper functioning of the immune system during infections.

Progres® completes the Vital-iD concept

Are you familiar with Progres®? This is a natural ingredient that strengthens the immune system of calves, stimulates growth, and improves feed conversion. That’s why all of our calf milks are enriched with Progres®!

Vital-iD: focused on your needs

In short, with Vital-iD there is always a calf milk powder that meets your needs. The result? This way you can approach the health and performance of your calves in a targeted way. What does this yield you? You guessed it, achieving maximum return and therefore also job satisfaction. 😀 We are happy to contribute to this with Vital-iD, our performance-enhancing concept!

Your calf gets the best of you, and you get the best of your calf!

Top concept for top performance

Dairy farmers who go for the optimum will be enthusiastic about the Vital-iD concept. Are you curious about the possibilities of our range on your farm? Please contact us!

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