Denkamilk calves - 28 April 2020

A recent trial in Saudi Arabia again confirms the importance of supplementing vitamins and minerals in  calf rearing. Especially if a supplement with well-balanced levels is used, such as Vitalcure.


In several trials in the Netherlands and German, we had already seen that after 12 weeks, calves are almost 5 kilos heavier if they are given Vitalcure for the first 10 days. Since animals are born with different levels of vitamins and minerals, it is important to start them up properly. A good start is half the battle! Animals feel fitter, eat better and therefore grow faster.

The test conducted in Saudi Arabia shows that calves grow as much as 7 kilos extra if they receive 10 grams of Vitalcure a day, 10 days before weaning. This can be explained by the fact that animals need more vitamins and minerals during stressful periods. It is a good idea to shore them up with a small supply of vitamins and minerals before weaning, to prepare them for the stress of weaning.

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