Denkamilk calves - 9 December 2022

Denkamilk Topmilk contains a balanced protein and energy level. The product is characterised by absolute top performance, even for calves in heavy conditions. Livestock farmers who want high juvenile growth or milk powder consumption are advised to try Denkamilk Topmilk.


The basis for a precocious, highly productive cow is laid in the first months of her life. Denkavit, the specialist in young animal nutrition, is an innovative player in the market and therefore always looking for the best products. High-quality raw materials of consistent quality ensure high performance in livestock breeding.


Key ingredients

Topmilk milk powder is supplemented with key ingredients such as natural oregano, pre-and probiotics, essential oils and fatty acids to support digestion. Denkavit calls this the ‘safety package’. Like all Denkamilk products, this product is also enriched with Progres.


Stimulating rumen development

W all know that the cow’s love goes through the rumen. Denkamilk Topmilk promotes power and roughage intake and therefore indirectly the development of the rumen. This is partly thanks to the choice of raw materials combined with the right feed schedule. Early forestomach development and rumen function are essential and enable the cow to get as much milk as possible from roughage. 70% Of energy and protein supply comes from the rumen. Here, feed is broken down by bacteria to make digestion and more energy for milk production. The importance of the right milk powder is therefore high. Denkavit Topmilk contains all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the right balance. These micro-ingredients save your calves from deficiencies.


Easy to use

For the livestock farmer, Topmilk has important advantages. For instance, the milk powder is well soluble and easy and quick to prepare. An important advantage for professional livestock farmers.

calf lying in a stable
cute young black and white calf lies in straw and looks alert