Denkapig - 23 April 2019

Last year an 11% mortality rate was achieved at DenkaFarm Innovation Centre using the free farrowing system! An amazing performance from the Pig Farm handlers, but what’s the secret of their success?

See their tips below:

  • User-friendly farrowing pen
    A pen in which the sow can be confined easily.


  • Managing freedom of movement during farrowing
    A good balance between the sow being confined and being able to roam free.


  • Colostrum management
    Use of split suckling to ensure that all piglets receive sufficient colostrum.


  • Attention
    Someone should be physically present in the farrowing pen as much as possible to monitor the sows and piglets, particularly during the farrowing period.


  • Making notes
    Ensure that you note as much information as possible about the sow, such as good udders and weight, also during the farrowing process for example.


  • Cross-fostering
    How do you raise the highest number of piglets with the sow? At Pig Farm we use foster sows.


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