Denkamilk calves - 13 December 2022

Do you know that you can use nutrition to promote intestinal health in calves? It can be with Denkacare Vitallin.

Intestinal health calves

Healthy and active calves are something we all aim for. Yet calf diarrhoea is a frequently occurring problem. So preventing diarrhoea is better than curing it. One of the basic principles is of course good hygiene, but you can also accomplish a great deal in the area of intestinal health with nutrition, namely Denkacare Vitallin. This results in more vital calves and more job satisfaction!

Denkacare Vitallin

Vitallin contains linseed and pectin, which helps make manure more solid and protects the intestinal wall. Linseed also ultimately helps reduce medication use.

In this video, our Young Livestock Specialist Carine van den Bosch explains how Denkacare Vitallin can help you promote intestinal health in calves.

Is intestinal health a concern on your farm as well?

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