Denkapig - 23 February 2022

Our colleague Arjan Meijerink (Sales Manager EMEA region) recently visited our distributor and farmers in Cyprus. Product Manager Ashley Sijmonsbergen accompanied him.

You visit distributors and end-users of our products. Which themes are hot at this moment in the pig business?

There is a strong increase in questions about antibiotic reduction and Zn usage.

What was the purpose of your visit to Cyprus?

The purpose of the visit was to bring technical support to our partner Premier Shukurouglou and visit our end-users after a long period in which this was not possible.

You were accompanied by your colleague Ashley Sijmonsbergen, Product Manager Denkapig. What was the reason that she joined you?

Ashley joined me because the end-users of the products are often large farmers with their challenges. They need expertise in matters like feeding management, but also antibiotic reduction.

What is the added value of bringing a colleague from Product Management to your distributors and end-users?

The added value lies in specialization. As Sales Manager, you know a little bit about everything. Farmers like to interact with somebody who is specialized in his/her field.

How did your distributor and end-users react to an extra visitor?

Very well. I believe they made her feel very welcome and appreciated.

What topics did you discuss?

We talked about strategies to reduce Zn and antibiotics and about the fact that there is no magic powder to achieve this. It is about a change of mindset and managing expectations. We explained that with the expertise that we have, we can help and support farmers to achieve these goals with our concepts and technical support.

How can you and Ashley contribute to improvements at the end-user level? Do you have a specific example?

On one farm we discussed feeding management for piglets with the sow. On this farm, they had great difficulties applying piglet milk replacers because of management reasons. We advised feeding Mellow Go there as an in-between alternative.

Want to know more about Mellow Go?

Do you have a tip for our distributors?

It is very important to put focus on the customer and his or her situation and not on the story that you want to tell yourself. You have to translate the Denkavit story and integrate it into the situation on the farm. Therefore you have to understand what’s going on at the farm.

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