Denkamilk calves, General - 31 May 2022

Global Dairy Farmers is an international network of leading dairy farmers and industry partners. It is the mission of Global Dairy Farmers to connect forward-thinking dairy farmers of high caliber and dairy-related stakeholders from around the globe. They exchange the newest ideas, knowledge, feedback, and experience, find solutions and utilize business opportunities. We are proud to be a partner! 


We joined Global Dairy Farmers end of 2020. The goal of the partnership for Denkavit is to share our knowledge in this field and to help dairy farmers in the network to get more profit from their business. Calf rearing is a very important element because it lays the base for future results and profitability. Our activities are based upon partnerships, knowledge, research, and innovation. The partnership with Global Dairy Farmers fits therefore perfectly within the strategy of the company.

Webinars Global Dairy Farmers

So far we have shared our knowledge on young animal nutrition during 2 webinars organized by Global Dairy Farmers. By following Global Dairy Farmers on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook), you will learn more about their activities and it is possible to replay the webinars, for example, the one in which we presented the use of vegetable protein in calf milk replacers. We raised the question if vegetable protein can be used in calf milk replacers without losing performance. Check our presentation here (starting at 1:23:40):

In the coming months, they have planned several physical events, perhaps interesting for you to join (agenda: For more knowledge and tips about calf rearing, click here:

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