Denkamilk lambs - 21 January 2015

Natural oregano oil is effective to fight against and to eliminate bacterial and protozoal pathogens. Dosto Emulsion contains natural oregano oil and can be used in case of risk of digestive disorders at sheep lambs and goat kids.

Natural oregano oil (Origanum vulgare) contains several natural active components which substitute each other with eliminating bacteria and protozoa. The different active components in oregano harm the cell wall of the pathogens, which results in elimination of the pathogen.

The Dutch magazine ‘Goat farming‘ interviewed two goat keepers about using Dosto Emulsion at their farms. “Dosto Emulsion definitely help; it suppresses the diarrhoea symptoms considerably”. Click herefor the complete article.

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Magazine Geitenhouderij (The Netherlands), volume 18, edition 5