Denkamilk lambs - 23 February 2022

We want you to meet our colleague Arjan Meijerink (Sales Manager), who travels to our distributors and customers on a regular basis. We spoke with him about his recent visit to Cyprus. In his current position at Denkavit, as from 2019 Arjan is responsible for the sales of our products in the EMEA-region.

Your partner in Cyprus Premier Shukurouglou took you to a sheep farm, where they had some issues. What was going on over there?

A lot of young lambs where getting very sick with diarrhea and died within one week.

What could you contribute to this issue of dying lambs?

We analyzed the situation and found out that their colostrum management was far from optimal. A second issue was overfeeding of milk in the first week. For the farmer it was difficult to change the colostrum management because he was working on two locations. We suggested to change the feeding management in the first week by optimizing applied feeding volumes in order to prevent overfeeding of the young lambs. Because it was difficult to change colostrum management we advised to improve colostrum quality with Denkacare Vitalfirst, our complete colostrum supplement for lambs and kids.

How is the situation currently?

Last feedback we had is that matters have improved. Lamb mortality has decreased. We came at exactly the right moment.

For quite a long time, you were not allowed to travel abroad, due to Covid-19. What did you miss the most?

I missed connecting with our partners and end-users the most. If you communicate via Teams or mail, it is so much more difficult to get to the core of the issue at hand. Working with the Denkavit concepts is of course about the fantastic products in our portfolio, but it is equally important to experience in real life what’s going on and give the best possible technical and commercial support. And I missed the nice food of course.

Do you have a tip for our distributors?

Focus on things that are possible and not on the impossibilities. You can hardly ever copy/paste our concepts to every farm situation. But on every farm there are possibilities to improve and find a way to make the Denkavit concepts work.


The colostrum supplement Vitalfirst is part of the extensive range of health-supporting products under the name Denkacare.

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