General - 3 September 2014

After a period of innovative research and trials both in our research farms and in practice, we proudly present the new Denkapig Lacto piglet milk product line! Taking good care of sows around parturition tends to be ever more important since the number of live-born piglets per sow is ever more increasing. To support the sow and to facilitate an optimal start of piglets, Denkavit composed the Denkapig Lacto piglet milk product line, which is applicable in all types of feeding systems!

The product line consists of the following three products:

  • Lacto Start (previously Lactowean) – for a good start
  • Lacto Next – follow-up milk for efficiency
  • Lacto Extra – for increased vitality

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Denkapig Lacto Start

  • Applicable as from 24 hours after birth (after colostrum)
  • Fits perfectly beside sow milk
  • Results in more vital piglets
  • Stimulates feed intake before and after weaning
 Denkapig Lacto Next

  • Follow-up milk to be used from 10 days of age
  • Applied after starting up piglets with Lacto Start or Lacto Extra
  • Smooth transition to intake of prestarter/ creep feed
  • Attractive return in terms of technical results
 Denkapig Lacto Extra

  • Tuned towards early weaned piglets and/or high infection pressure circumstances
  • Highest safety and digestibility
  • Improved piglet vitality and growth, due to high intake