Besides nutrition and tailored advice on health protocols, feeding schedules and rations, Denkavit has vitality-enhancing Denkacare products for animals that could use some extra support.

Vitalair was specially developed to support the lungs.

After extensive literature research, the product is composed of carefully selected essential oils that contribute to healthy airways. One of the product’s ingredients is eucalyptus. An effective oil, especially during the cold time of year, as it is expectorant. As the calf has less mucus in the airways, it can breathe more freely. Eucalyptus has a strong camphor-like odour and, together with the other components in the product, provides a soothing effect. It is recommended to use this product after respiratory treatment.

  • Supports the airways through expectorant action
  • Apply after treatment of respiratory diseases
  • Liquid product


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Vitalair jerrycan

2x a day 1cc per 50 kg body weight through the milk for 5 days.
<strong>Caution:</strong> first 2 feedings half dose!



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