Impression EuroTier 2014

Denkavit looks back on the very successful international exhibition EuroTier 2014 in Hannover, Germany. Denkavit welcomed a lot of people in the large booth. The theme of Denkavit was “More than milk!”. This theme applies to all activities of Denkavit, from feed specialties for young animals to the special ingredients to knowledge and advise: Denkavit … Read more

Denkamilk Vitalstart

The first few weeks in the life of a calf set the basis for future performance. An easy and safe start for calves in these first 2 weeks is therefore very important. After years of (practical) research and product development Denkavit developed Denkamilk Vitalstart, a special calf milk replacer, tuned to provide the calves an optimal start. … Read more