Effect of Vitalsafe


Functional ingredients
Denkacare Vitalsafe contains the following natural ingredients:

  • Clay minerals: Bind toxins and have an attractive earthy scent.
  • Algae: Tasty, anti-inflammatory and stimulates immune function.
  • Dextrose: Provides “energy boost” to newborn piglet for active absorption of sow’s milk.
  • Progres®: Promotes good bowel function and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Pectins: Lays a protective layer over the intestinal wall and supports digestion.
  • Iron: Contributes to the iron requirement of newborn piglet, stimulates vitality.

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Ease of use

Denkacare Vitalsafe is easy to use.

The product is mixed with water and poured into the piglet bowls via a watering can. Important advantage; the product remains good and stable for a long time. Feed bowls need to be cleaned less often than with piglet milk because of the lower chance of bacterial growth. Providing small portions often keeps the piglets eager.

Intestinal health piglets

Contributes to a good intestinal function of piglets

An important USP of Denkacare Vitalsafe is that it contributes to a good intestinal function of piglets. But what exactly is gut health and how can you contribute to this as a pig farmer? This free downloadable white paper provides you as pig farmers with background information about intestinal health.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I use Denkacare Vitalsafe?

For fast feed and water intake and an early introduction to the feed bowl. In addition, Vitalsafe can be used to support the intestinal wall of young piglets.

What can I expect when I use Denkacare Vitalsafe?
Piglets are less susceptible to digestive disorders because the gut is supported on several levels.

How can Denkacare Vitalsafe bind toxins?
Vitalsafe contains clay minerals, research shows that they can bind pathogens and endo- and mycotoxins and therefore make them harmless to the animal. A young piglet can come into contact with pathogens such as E. coli through the environment, or indirectly through the sow come into contact with mycotoxins.

Can providing Denkacare Vitalsafe replace iron injection?
No, but Vitalsafe also contains iron, so it can provide extra support for the iron status of the piglets.

From which day can I feed Vitalsafe?
We recommend feeding Vitalsafe from day 2 to 8. During the first 24 hours, the focus is on the colostrum intake, anything that is additionally provided then reduces the colostrum intake of the piglet.

How do I prepare Denkacare Vitalsafe?
Dissolve 100 grams of Vitalsafe in 1 litre of water (of 35 degrees).

How can I provide Denkacare Vitalsafe?
Denkacare Vitalsafe is best provided via feeding bowls, by filling them with a watering can or measuring cup. Preferably only refill when the containers are empty.

Can Denkacare Vitalsafe be provided via an automatic feeding system?
It is not recommended to provide Vitalsafe to the piglets via an automatic feeding system. The product is not suitable for such systems.

Can Denkacare Vitalsafe be mixed with piglet milk or electrolyte mix?
No, the combination of Vitalsafe with piglet milk or electrolytes affects the taste and texture of both products in such a way that the desired effect is not achieved.

Can I also provide the Denkacare Vitalsafe dry?
What is unique about Denkacare Vitalsafe is that it promotes early water and feed intake. It is therefore important to always mix the product with water. Moreover, the strength of Vitalsafe is that it is very tasty for the piglets, this taste only arises in combination with water.



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