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Master the weaning dip with terragut


The weaning period is (still) one of the biggest challenges on a pig farm. A new environment and change in feed brings a lot of stress for a piglet. At the same time, the gut of the young piglet is still developing. How to support the piglet and master the dip? Terragut is a new, unique additive containing natural minerals which have a proven effect on the gut microbiota and gut health of a piglet. Terragut supports the absorption of nutrients, and contributes to better faecal consistency, feed conversion, and growth.


Master the weaning dip with the power of natural minerals

Why Terragut?


Terragut is an innovative feed additive for weaned piglets to support them during the first phase of weaning.

Terragut contributes to the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and helps inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

As a result, gut ecology and gut health are maintained.

Terragut is based on two minerals from the group lanthanides: cerium and lanthanium. The additive is EFSA approved.


Prevent the weaning dip in piglets with Terragut


Application of Terragut

Terragut is EFSA approved as an feed additive, therefore all before mentioned technical results are proven in trials from both the supplier as well as in our Pig Farm. It can be fed to weaned piglets with a minimum and maximum dosage of 250 ppm in the complete feed. Terragut is available in concentrated powder form. As 0.25 kg per tonnes feed can be difficult / challenging to handle. Denkavit Ingredients also offers a more diluted product: Terragut ED (Easy Dosage). In this dilution the lanthanides are mixed in such a way 2.5 kg/tonnes of feed can be added to the mixer. Adding the product in the mixer is easier and homogeneity is more secured.


“Within the complete portfolio of Feed Ingredients Specialties, Terragut is part of the Supported Gut integrity & Ecology category.”


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