Denkamilk Prime 24/24 milk replacer is a milk replacer optimal for higher feeding rates and suitable for winter feeding in extreme climates.

Raising the bar with Denkamilk Prime 24/24:

  • Maximizing the fatty acid profile
    • Includes tributyrate
    • Elevated coconut oil levels
  • The ultimate safety package
    • Probiotics
    • Essential oils
    • Organic acids

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Denkamilk milk replacers are characterized by:

  • Stable highest quality standards
  • Excellent level of metabolizable energy
  • Elevated protein digestibility by using high-quality ingredients and a low ash level
  • Unique fatty acid profile for performance and health
  • Excellent palatability


50 lb easy open bag – no sharp objects required

We strive to maintain the best quality possible and implement sustainable practices by not including cups in each of our bags. We have cups readily available upon request.

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