General - 26 May 2016

“Innovating Together”

Denkavit Holland organised the Denkavit Distributors’ Days 2016 from Tuesday May 10 to Thursday May 12. This event is being organised every three years for all our Denkavit distributors globally. This year we welcomed 45 distributors, in total more than 30 different countries were represented.

The first day took place at Denkavit Headquarters in Voorthuizen. Several speakers gave a presentation during this day. There was great variety in subjects, the day started off with Mr Nan-Dirk Mulder from the Rabobank, he presented their view on global opportunities in animal production. On the other hand Mr Ger Rijkers from University College Roosevelt gave us an insight in Nutrition and Immunity. The goal of the Denkavit Distributors’ Days is next to strengthening partnerships and networking also a moment to exchange and to pass on knowledge to each other. Therefore several of the Denkavit colleagues also gave presentations. Of course the investments in the new research centre ‘Denkafarm’ were shown and the new Denkacare products were presented.

On Wednesday May 11 the social event was planned, a boat trip. We sailed from Monnickendam to Volendam, we got off the boat and got a guided tour through the city. Afterwards we have all been on the photo, in traditional costume of course. In this way the distributors got a bit more familiar with the Dutch culture.

The last day of the Denkavit Distributors’ Days was spent at Wageningen UR. We started the day with a presentation on novel feed proteins by dr. Gert van Duinkerken. This was a very interesting presentation which emphasized the innovative character of both Wageningen UR and the Netherlands. Directly after Mr van Duinkerken, Mr René Wijffels gave us a presentation about the AlgaePARC. The purpose of the AlgaePARC is to develop cost-effective and sustainable microalgae production methods outdoor. Algae are seen as a promising new type of animal feed, as they are sustainable and contain lots of proteins.

We look back upon very successful days. Due to the high turnout of the distributors, the great ambiance and the enthusiasm of both the distributors and the Denkavit colleagues. For Denkavit this has been a unique moment to organise such an event and bring together so many different cultures. That we can achieve this together with our partners is something we are very proud of!

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