Feed Ingredients

Our knowledge and experience within the field of animal nutrition spans more than 60 years. This enables us to deliver high-performance specialized raw materials and animal feed additives to compound feed companies and farmers around the world under the name Denkavit Ingredients.

In our own research facility, we are continually looking for new opportunities to improve the use of raw materials and the composition of products. Through our years of knowledge of the market, we are also aware of the challenges and opportunities of our industry. We develop and test our products in our modern research centers, some of the most advanced and largest in the world.

Protein Encapsulated Fat (PEF)

In-house manufacturing and Quality Assurance team allows Denkavit to hold PEF to stringent quality assurance standards.

What is a PEF?

  • A major ingredient in milk replacers (~30% inclusion)
  • The primary energy source of milk replacers
  • Free-flowing powder
  • A combination of fats and oils, dairy protein, lactose, and emulsifiers

Our Denkavit PEF:

  • Edible grade ingredients
  • Drying with an indirect heater to avoid contaminant retention
  • Formulation with functional fatty acids that improve and animal performance
  • Technical support and service


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