Increasingly large litters mean piglets in farrowing pens require the very best supplementary feed. This teaches piglets to consume and digest solid feed as soon as possible, preparing them well for the period after weaning. Mellow Go is a unique product which is very easy and hygienic in use and ensures a high intake.

  • Unique, soft Mellow
  • Very easy and hygienic in use
  • Achieving the highest possible percentage of eaters
  • Ensures good and high feed intake in the first days
  • For a quick acclimatization to dry feed
  • Ensures a higher intake of following diet/feed

Read more about the experience of a Mellow Go user here.

Box denkapig mellow go


Provide fresh in the feeding bowl 2-3 times a day.


  • 15 kg box


Fast feed intake

The soft ‘bite’, the pleasant smell and the tasty flavour of Mellow Go ensure that piglets of just a few days old eagerly consume these mellows. And that means they benefit directly from a head start versus piglets who are given traditional supplementary feed or none at all. Research indicates that piglets weaned with Mellow Go realise higher feed uptake both during and after weaning, have fewer energy dips, and grow faster.

Unique new production process

Mellow Go is made using a completely new production process. This method of production makes it possible to better anticipate the specific requirements of young animals using a new range of premium raw materials.

Convenience and hygiene

Key benefits of Mellow Go include convenience and optimal hygiene. The soft pellets are easy to dose in any piglet feeding bowl. What’s more, Mellow Go is dispensed dry, minimizing the risk of undesirable bacterial growth in the feed bowls. And that means they don’t need to be cleaned so often. Compared to piglet milk or wet feed, the switch from mellows to piglet pellets goes much more smoothly. This means you are assured of a higher weaning weight and stronger piglets that grow fast after weaning. Read more over a trial performed regarding the benefits of labour convenience with Mellow Go.
Trial results labour convenience

“Off to a great start in the farrowing pen with Mellow Go”

The Relou family in Bakel were one of the first to test the new ‘Denkapig Mellow Go’ feed intended for farrowing pens.

Read more about their experiences here.

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