Denkacare Vitalvit is a health-supporting product and contains vitamins and minerals for fitter sows and more vital piglets.

  • Provides the vitamins, minerals and trace elements of the sow
  • Supports a smooth birth process
  • Contributes to more vital piglets at birth
  • Can be used as a top dressing over the sow feed

More live-born piglets per litter

Denkavit field research on a sow farm has confirmed that the provision of Vitalvit to the sows in the 5 days before farrowing gives more live births to piglets.

Effect of Vitamin and Minerals

Read more background information about the effect of Vitalvit on the sow and the birth process here.

bag vitalvit


  • 50 gram per gilts per day
  • 75 gram per sow per day


20 kg bags


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