Denkamilk calves - 7 February 2022

For successful calf rearing, the right milk, a well-structured feeding schedule and attention to a gradual weaning period are important. Young animals  often can use extra support, since needs and challenges in calf rearing can change. We developed an extensive range of health-supporting products, under the name Denkacare. Products that show good results independently, but having a stronger cumulative effect on health and growth of the calves when used together .

Why using specific products and what’s the result?

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Supplement shortages

The vitamin and mineral (trace elements) levels of newborn calves or lambs are still regularly below the desired value to achieve a good start. The dry period- and colostrum management are very important to this. Vitamins and minerals are already transferred to the young animal during pregnancy or via the colostrum. In practice, differences are often observed between calves, since f.e. the feed in the dry period changes or colostrum quality fluctuates. Iron and vitamin A, D and E in particular are often deficient.

By administering extra vitamins and minerals (Vitalcure) to the calves in the first two weeks in addition to milk, the shortages are supplemented and a stock can be built up that will benefit the animal later in calf rearing.

Calf diarrhea

Another challenge for young animals is the rick of diarrhea or digestive problems. Providing an intestinal support can reduce the risks and help the calves through this period better. Vitallin is based on linseed, which protects the intestinal wall, but also thickens the manure.

Stimulate rumen development

It’s important that, in addition to milk feeding, a quick start is also made with providing of a tasty concentrate and good roughage. However, an essential part of rumen development is water. The water requirement quickly exceeds the amount offered through the milk. In addition, the milk enters the abomasum, while water enters the rumen where it’s necessary to initiate rumen fermentation. Offering clean drinking water at an early stage is very important for this. Adding Vitalfort can help to ensure water absorption. This electrolyte product not only supports the electrolyte balance, but also ensures an increased palatability of the water. The advice is therefore to provide water supplemented with Vitalfort between 2 milk feedings during the first 2 weeks.

Compleet package

The use Vitalcure, Vitallin and Vitalfort during the first two weeks provides the best support for the start of the calf or lamb. But Vitalcure and Vitallin can also help around weaning, because during this period the mineral and vitamin supply and utilization is not always optimal and digestive problems can arise due to changes in the feeding schedules.

More growth and higher concentrate intake

The complete package was examined at the DenkaFarm Innovation Centre in two groups of each 68 calves. In addition to Denkamilk Top S, with a standard feeding schedule, the calves in the research group received the various Denkacare products according the schedule below:

Vitalair is only used in this research when lung problems occurred. This in combination with an antibioticum to support lungs, so the calves can breathe more easily.

“The Denkacare products have proven that they can provide the calves with extra support throughout the entire period.”

  • The calves fed the total package Denkacare were 3.7 kg heavier compared to the calves which didn’t get Denkacare during 12 weeks.
  • The concentrate intake was 1.4 kg higher in 12 weeks.
  • In addition, the number of treatments in the study group was lower, which is a sign of improved animal health.

These results confirm what we have already experienced in practice with these products, also in the veal.

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