General - 5 December 2019

For the third time in a row, Denkavit publishes the CSR report.

In this report, Denkavit presents its results and developments in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The title of the third report is “Working together on the livestock farming of tomorrow”. This fits in seamlessly with the ambitions of Denkavit. As an innovative producer of high-quality animal feeds and veal calves, Denkavit wants to contribute together with partners to success throughout the chain. As a family business, sustainability is in its genes. Care for the next generation is obvious to us. Future generations also want to be able to produce food sustainably and responsibly, for a growing world population.

In recent years there have been many major developments within Denkavit in the field of sustainability. The launch of the “Veal the difference” vision is a good example of this. Together with partners, Denkavit wants to bring veal production to a higher level on various fronts. Quality improvement and sustainability are important pillars of this. In this way, Denkavit takes responsibility in the chain.

In the coming year, Denkavit will again take the necessary steps to continue its efforts in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility!

Read our CSR report here.

Or read more about CSR within Denkavit here.