Denkapig - 2 August 2021

Recent practical research has shown that supplementing the sow with vitamins and minerals in the last phase of pregnancy can contribute to a higher number of piglets born and more vital piglets. This leads to better farrowing efficiency.

Litter size

Rising litter sizes have led to an increase in stillbirths. Several factors play a role, but the most important factors are often that the birth process is too long, with a high risk of a prematurely ruptured umbilical cord (Baxter, 2008). Sow condition, stress and litter size all affect farrowing time.

Effect of Vitamin and Minerals

In addition, various vitamins and minerals also have an effect on the farrowing time. For example, it is known that a deficiency of vitamins D3 and E delays the farrowing process and that with a deficiency of vitamins B1 and B2, more dead or weaker piglets are born. Minerals such as zinc, iodine and selenium can also be mentioned in the case of a deficiency in a slower farrowing process (NRC, 1998; McDowell, 2000).

Sow feeding

Field research shows that increasing the supply of minerals and vitamins during the 5 days results in pre-parturition. The wide range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in Vitalvit support the sow and large when they have the extra, namely around farrowing.

Improve piglet quality

Practical research and experiences indicate that the use of Vitalvit for generating positive effects in the farrowing pen. Pig farmers indicate that the birthing process runs more smoothly, the piglets have a stronger umbilical cord and that the piglet quality has improved. Looking at the figures, these observations are confirmed by a number of live born piglets.

Increase live-born piglets

In sows that received 75 grams of Vitalvit/day 5 days before farrowing, the number of stillborn piglets decreased by 0.42 (7.51% compared to 10.03%). These data are from a total of 4,784 litters (2,208 sows with Vitalvit and 2,576 without) on one pig farm. These results confirm that it is possible the number of live-born experiences is greater.

Vital piglets

Providing extra minerals and vitamins during the last days of pregnancy has therefore shown in practice that the number of live born piglets can be increased. It also has a positive effect on the vitality of the piglets. For various minerals and vitamins, the contents in the colostrum depend, among other things, on the contents in the sow feed and therefore the sow itself. A more vital piglet therefore already starts with sow feed.


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