Denkamilk calves - 9 December 2022

We give just five reasons why Royal 60 is the best choice, but there are many. Denkavit Royal 60:


  • contains 60% skimmed milk powder
  • consists entirely of dairy protein with an ultimate composition
  • is very soluble
  • has excellent juvenile growht; it is a luxury calf milk
  • is suitable for unlimited feeding


This premium product is at the top of the milk powder market thanks to its high-quality compositions. The base of this milk powder is skimmed milk powder, to which essential oils are added. Other ingredients include omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, Progres and pre- probiotics. This product uses the latest generation of probiotics to support gut health.


Fresh drinking water and straw

Calves like to have chopped straws and fresh drinking water readily available. Make sure this is available from the start. This combination with Royal 60 produces vital and healthy calves.


Excellent growth and well-fleshed calves

Royal 60’s high-energy content makes this product great for achieving excellent growth. Calves respond well to this milk powder as it is creamy, sweet-tasting and had a lovely smell.


For the livestock farmer, Denkavit Royal 60 is also pleasant to work with. It is an easily soluble powder. Use 4l. of warm water (about 45 – 55 degrees) to make 6l. of Royal 60 milk powder. Whisk the milk powder and water into a smooth liquid. By the way, it is important to maintain a drinking temperature of about 41-41 degrees. In addition, Roayl 60 is usable in all common drinking machines. Denkamilk Royal 60 is rated as very user-friendly by users.


Denkavit Royal Range

In the Royal range, it is also possible to choose the Royal 30 and Royal 50. The composition and benefits of these product variants are identical, except for the percentage of skimmed milk powder. Royal 30 had 30% milk powder, and Royal 50 and 60 have 50% and 60% skimmed milk powder, respectively.


Top-of-the-range product

Livestock farmers going for the optimum will be enthusiastic about Denkavit Royal 60.