General - 4 November 2016

Denkavit takes participation. With this participation, the companies bundle their activities in the field of Young Animal Nutrition in the Italian market. Frabes owns a calf milk replacer factory in Italy. The interest in Frabes Denkavit strengthens its position in the Italian market of calf milk replacers. This step fits well with her ambition to further increase her market share in this market.

Frabes also owns production facilities to dry dairy raw materials. Denkavit, therefore, takes the next step to ensure the future availability of this essential raw material for the production of Young Animal Nutrition. Frabes found in Denkavit a partner that can guarantee continuity for all stakeholders. By becoming part of the network of the Denkavit Group, Frabes will benefit from knowledge and purchasing power. The activities of Frabes will be continued in their present form.

Denkavit is an independent company specialized for many decades in Young Animal Nutrition and Feed Ingredients. The company has taken a leading position in this field. Denkavit’s activities are based on long-lasting partnerships, reliability, know-how, research and innovation. With an annual turnover of € 650 million and more than 400 employees, Denkavit is active worldwide with Europe as its home market.

Frabes S.p.A. is a family-owned company, that is focused on the production of calf milk replacers for veal and for rearing calves and on the drying of and trade in dairy commodities. The annual production capacity is 30,000 tonnes of calf milk replacer. The focus of the company is to deliver customized products together with services, based on the latest techniques and scientific research.

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