General - 19 October 2016

Denkavit has built a complete new research centre for approximately 260 sows. The new stable is part of the DenkaFarm Innovation Centre, the research farm for practical research and innovation which is managed by Denkavit in Voorthuizen. With the new research centre Denkavit can respond to changes in the pig sector in the areas of genetics, animal welfare, antibiotic reduction and new raw materials.

In the new pig stable we can carry out feed studies with piglets in the farrowing room and with weaned piglets. Furthermore, the new stable has a digestibility room, several digestibility pens have been installed here. In this way we get an insight into the digestibility of different types of feed or specific raw materials for weaned piglets. In the new stable we also have the possibility to carry out feed studies with gestating and lactating sows.

The new pig stable is specially equipped for receiving visitors. A visitors corridor has been built over the complete length of the stable. This corridor is completely separated from the rest of the stable. Visitors have the possibility to have a look in the stable, in this way they can see the different departments due to big windows. Furthermore, a visitors room has been realised in between the two farrowing departments, again with big windows so visitors can see the animals.

The new research centre is designed for sustainable animal husbandry. Here we make knowledge. Knowledge we use to improve our products and concepts. Knowledge we like to share with our partners. In this way pig farmers who use our products can improve their efficiency and get better

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